FANTAB Testing Procedure

MRI scan magnets are dangerously strong. An MRI scanner contains very strong magnets, so strong that it can pick up heavy metal objects like a wheelchair and an oxygen tank. It can also twist or damage metal objects in your body such as some older pacemakers, or surgical clips on the brain or blood vessels. Bits of metal in your body can make the magnet malfunction. The magnet will also ruin credit cards and cell phones. There are no injections or drugs.

What to wear:
You may be asked to wear hospital scrubs. If you are allowed to wear your street clothes you must remove all metal objects including earrings, glasses and bras with metal. Stretch "sports" bras (without metal) are safe. We suggest you come to the test wearing no metal above your waist.

Testing Experience:
The test will take approximately 1 hour during which you will lie on your back in a narrow "tunnel" which at times will be making loud banging and beeping noises. You will be wearing a set of headphones. You will be looking at a screen reflected in a small mirror above your eyes. It is very important to keep your head motionless during the testing. Be sure to use the restroom just before you enter the scanner.

FANTAB mri Scan Proceedure

FANTAB scanning proceedure


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